Top 3 Inspiring Stories of Lottery Winners

Lotteries have been around for a long time. Previously, it was the traditional lottery where people went to a convenience store to buy tickets and then watched the draw on television. But, with technological advancement, things have changed and now you can find a wide array of lottery games that can be played online and in different parts of the world. Every week, some people are made millionaires due to the numbers they have chosen. The only downside is that there have been some disheartening stories about the winners as they manage to lose it all despite being very lucky.

However, not all lottery winners turned out to be bad. Here are the top 3 inspiring stories of different lottery winners that can be encouraging and motivational for aspiring lottery winners:

Margaret Loughrey

Hailing from a small town called Strabanes in Northern Ireland, Margaret had been unemployed when she became a winner. At that time, she had been living on just £58 every week and had been on her way home from a job center when she decided to purchase a ticket. It was a spur on the moment decision. Her choice to take a chance really paid off when she won the jackpot of £27 million. The amazing part of this story is that Margaret decided to do something for her town instead of keeping all the money for her own.

South to the Strabanes is a tiny village called Sion Mills where Margaret bought the historical Herman’s Mills. It is her plan to transform the town and make it a popular tourist and leisure destination as this would create jobs for the people in her hometown and would also bring in facilities that they can take advantage of.

Colin and Christine Weir

The husband and wife took home a jackpot that was worth £161 million. Once they had collected their winnings, Colin and Christine Weir spent £3.5 million for purchasing their dream home. But, they didn’t just make themselves happy with their winnings because they also did something amazing for their neighbor. The young mother became the owner of a house when the Weirs to gift her their former home as they had already bought their dream house. Other than that, the couple has also made headlines for other charitable acts like answering the pleas of a mother to help out her 3-year-old girl. Skye Swinton was suffering from cerebral palsy and the Weirs paid for her operation that helped her walk again.

László Andraschek

On his way to a meeting for recovering alcoholics, László Andraschek bought a lottery tickets with the few last coins he had. After his win of £1.7 million, he cleared his own debts as well as that of his family and bought houses for his three kids. With the rest he decided to help those in need, just like he had been. He has focused his efforts on helping homeless, abused and helpless women and he also made a substantial donation to a hostel for the homeless.