How To Play Virtually Any Lotto Game Online From Australia (Lottosend)

Australia has many wonderfull lotto games including the Monday Lotto [], Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Powerball and Oz Lotto. Millions of Australians play lotto games each and every week and many of them even buy lottery tickets for American lotto games online at websites such as Lottosend because of the huge jackpot prizes that the USA lotto games offer.

Lottery Messenger Services

There are many online lottery websites such as TheLotter, Lottosend, Icelotto, Lottoday, Lottoagent and many more that help people from Australia play a large variety of lotto games from home, even if they are not a citizen of the country from where the game is locally played and managed.

Loteria de Navidad

A good example is the upcoming Loteria de Navidad or Spanish Christmas lotto game, which is played each Christmas mainly by Spaniards and it is an inseparable part of the Christmas festivities in Spain, locals buy tickets and wait for the draw, eager to find out the winning numbers, to see if they have won a part of the $2.4 BILLION prize pool.

Playing Online From Australia

Australians also take part in the Spanish Christmas Lottery each year, they play by going online and purchasing ticket shares from websites such as Lottosend, where shares (decimos) are offered for players who want to play the Spanish lotto game but live or reside abroad.

What Happens When You Win a Prize?

When an Australian plays the USA Powerball or Spanish Christmas Lottery online at messenger service websites such as Lottosend or Lottoagent, they are %100 eligible to receive their winnings even if the win is a huge multi million dollar jackpot prize, even though they are playing from abroad it is totally legal to collect any and all winnings!

loteria de navidad online
Spanish Christmas Lottery: Play Loteria de Navidad Online at


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